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Dry Farmed bush trained vines of Valle d

Valle de Guadalupe, like all of the most prestigious wine growing regions in the world, is a place of incredible beauty.

Tucked away in the mountains of Mexico's northern Baja region, is one of the best kept secrets in the world of wine - Valle de Guadalupe. 

As wine and food enthusiasts from around the globe continue to flock to the valleys, vineyards, and restaurants being written up in magazines and newspapers from coast to coast, the era of the region being a "secret" is about to end.


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Regardless of whether you heard about it from an article in Wine Spectator, Seattle Times, New York Times, or Vogue, you likely haven't had a chance to try the wines for yourself...until now. ​As a new guard of youthful palates and trend bending vintners continue to reshape the way the world thinks of wine, nearly everyone seems oriented towards finding something more pure, more honest, and more representative of place. The small parcels of land that make up the patchwork of vineyard sites in the Valle serve as an excellent foundation from which to make wines that speak loudly that they are from "somewhere". It is this "somewhereness" that we are all looking for, and which demands so much of the winemakers aspiring to achieve this attribute in their wines. Often times it is with a lighter touch, rather than a heavier one that this quality emerges, but regardless it is the always a product of sensitivity. What perhaps impresses a first time visitor to the Valle the most is the prevalence of this sensitivity and the distinctive quality it yields to so many of their wines.  

Beso Imports has taken the time to taste through the vast offerings from the 150 + wineries in the region to arrive at a portfolio that focuses entirely on wines from Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe. We now offer exclusive import of over 50 wines from 12 boutique estates to the Washington market. Most of these wines are available in Washington for the first time, and they offer a quality at every price point that are striking to say the least. 

While there is no substitute to tasting the wines for yourself, here are a few facts about the region that play lead roles in defining the character of its wines. 

  • A history of wine making that extends back over 200 years. This little known fact is hard to believe, but it's true. The region was first planted in 1791! Today this history results in old vines, character driven fruit, and a community with a history that parallels wine. 

  • A mediterranean growing climate that is tempered by a marine influence from the Pacific Ocean.

  • A robust community of talented and passionate viticulturists who are oriented towards small productions, using largely organic farming techniques, to make high quality wines that speak of place. 

  • A broad grape diversity and a spirit for both the singularity of monovarietal expressions well as new and creative blending.

The founders of Beso Imports have made it their mission to navigate the region with onsite experience grounded in personal direct relationships with winery owners and their vintners. Every wine that makes it into our portfolio does so after having been tasted by us personally during visits to the estates. We take the time to familiarize ourselves with the principal members of the wine making team, their wines, their wine making practices, as well as the land they cultivate and the philosophy that drives them.  We are proud to say that the practices and people behind these wines are just as interesting as the wines themselves - driving their appeal with a quality that is both authentic and just downright delicious. 


Our current portfolio consists of wineries that are dedicated to world-class levels of quality, making them the elite candidates for import into the US market. We seek out wineries who:

  • deliver the highest quality at every price point

  • have a personal story that is inspiring, sensitive to the land and the vine, and driven by a dedication to excellence 

While relatively new to the US market, many wines Beso is importing have already found homes on the premiere wine lists of the America's most highly regarded restaurants such as The French Laundry. Many more are on the lips of those intrigued by the world of wine. At Beso, we are continually in the process of refining our portfolio to meet the demands of the US market. From modest, fun, fruit-driven wines, to wines of the highest levels of sophistication, Beso has wines for everyone. Better yet, a number of them are unabashedly world class wines that are surprisingly affordable.    


If, like many others, you are looking for a source of the delicious wines of Mexico in the US market, Beso is the right place. It is with great pleasure that Beso brings to you . . . the wines of Mexico. 

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