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“What stunned me was the quality of the wines. White and red, across the varietal spectrum from viognier to Sangiovese — each was bristling with territorial expressiveness, and completely affordable. The best were unambiguously world-class.”

—  Robert Draper

Press Releases

Major Press Releases For Mexican Wine

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Town & Country: "Mexican Wine? Bien sûr!" February 2023 - Jay McInerney 

Wine Enthusiast: "With Distinctive Terroir and Varied Microclimates, Mexico’s Baja California Aims to Preserve its Character" - August 2020 - Nils Bernstein 

Wine Enthusiast: "Baja and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know About Mexican Wine" - August 2020 - Nils Bernstein

Barron's: "Mexican Wine is Getting More Popular—And a Lot Better" - December 2019 - Chadner Navarro

Wine Enthusiast: "The U.S. Chefs and Restaurateurs Embracing Mexican Wine" - September 2019 - Caroline Hatchett

USA Today: "Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe is a Must for Wine Lovers" - June 2019 - Mark Rogers 

The Telegraph: "Little Known Wine Region Taking on the World" -  February 2019 - ​Luciana Bellini

Wine Enthusiast:- "Three Recipes and Pairings from Baja California" February 2019 - Nils Bernstien

The San Francisco Chronicle: "This Baja wine region is the Napa Valley of Mexico" - October 2018 -  Jill K. Robinson 

San Diego Tribune: "Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe is wine lovers paradise" - May 2018 - Wendy Lemlin

The Seattle Times: "Mexico wine country: Foodie paradise and tastings in Baja" - March 2018 - Nicole Evatt

The New York Times: "An Unexpected Wine Sanctuary in Baja California" - April 2017 -  Robert Draper 

Rhapsody Magazine: "Mexican Crush" - August 2017 -  Elaine Glusac

The New York Times: "Millennials Answer the Call of Mexican Wine Country" -  Late April 2017 - Sheila Marikar

Jancis Robinson: "A Mexican wave of wine" - March 2017 - Jancis Robinson

Vogue: "Why You Might Want to Skip Napa and Visit Mexico’s Wine Country Instead" - July 2016 -  Archana Ram

The Independent: "How Mexican Wine Country is Giving California a Run For its Money" - November  2016 - Natalie B Compton

Los Angeles Times: "The 'Next Napa': Baja's Valle de Guadalupe wines are ripe for success" - May 2016 - Michele Parente

Sunset Magazine: "The West’s New Hottest Wine Region Is South of the Border" - 2016 -  Sara Schneider

Eater: "Discovering Two Dining Destinations in Mexico's Emerging Wine Country" - February 2015 - Bill Addison 

Wine Enthusiast: 2014, #2 of the Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations 

Iconic Restaurants Purveying Mexican Wines

The French Laundry - California USA - Chef Thomas Keller

Canlis - Seattle USA 

Ella Canta - London - Chef Martha Ortiz

Wild Ginger - Seattle USA

Westward - Seattle USA - Chef Renee Erickson

Pujol - Mexico City Mexico - Chef Enrique Olvera

Cosme - New York USA- Chef Enrique Olvera 

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