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  • Founded: 2003 by Francisco Rubio 

  • Region and grape source: The winery and their vineyards are located in Valle de Guadalupe approximately 11 miles from the Pacific Ocean. All grapes are sourced from their estate vineyards. 

  • Annual production: 2,500 cases

  • Number of wines made: 6

  • Vineyard elevations and grape origins: 

    • Valle de Guadalupe - 1,100 ft - (Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Chenin Blanc, Palomino). 

  • Vineyard specifics: Clay and decomposed sandstone mix. The site is one of the highest on the valley wall and has a gentle slope that faces southwest.  

  • Winemaker: Alberto Rubio (Mexican born, lives in Valle de Guadalupe)  

  • Click HERE to visit their website

  • Other notes: 

    • All grapes are estate grown 

    • All farming is organic

    • This winery Exemplifies a "Family Owned" concept, where a visit to the winery results in meeting literally every member of the family, each of which plays a role in the winery and the restaurant. 

    • The elephant that appears on each label signifies, at once, the concept of a a tight knit family group that sticks together, and an individual member of the family to whom each wine is dedicated. 

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