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  • Founded: 2005 by Ray Magnussen 

  • Winery location: The family's winery and vineyard are located in Valle de Guadalupe - northern end, northwestern facing slope.

  • Region and grape source: Grapes are sourced from the estate vineyard as well as purchased from select sites in Valle de Guadalupe and Valle de Santo Tomás.  

  • Annual Production: 2,500 cases

  • Number of wines made:

  • Vineyard elevations and grape origins: 

    • Valle de Guadalupe - 950 ft - estate vines - (Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Merlot and Tempranillo)

    • Valle de Santo Tomás - Various elevations - 

  • Winemaker: Kristin Schute (US born, lives in Valle de Guadalupe)

  • Other notes:  

    • Both their Nebbiolo and their Amantes appear on the prestigious wine list of the French Laundry

  • Click HERE to visit their website

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