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  • Founded: 1998 by the Rivero Gonzales family

  • Winery Location: Valle de Parras, Coahuila Mexico

  • Region and grape source: RGMX uses grapes only from estate vineyards planted in the state of Coahuila. 

  • Annual production: 20,800 cases  

  • Number of wines made: 15 (not all available in the US)

  • Vineyard location, elevation and grape varieties:  

    • Valle de Parras - One of Mexico's original wine regions planted back as far as the early 1500s, the estate's vineyards are planted at an elevation of 5,000 ft on soils of mixed clay sand and silt. Total land under vine is 135 acres. The vineyards are managed organically without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The vineyards were planted in separate plots based on variety variations in microclimate and soil profile. Varietals planted include: Chardonnay, Palomino, Chenin Blanc, Muscatel, Riesling, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec. 

  • Winemaker: Matias Utero Carmona (native to Argentina, now lives in Mexico) 

  • Other notes: 

    • The focus of this estate is low intervention winemaking from organically farmed vineyards that respect and support the integrity of the ecosystem. 

    • The RG in the name refers to the family name, which has long been associated with agriculture in the region where they have been producing premium quality organic nuts for generations. 

    • The production is focused on 3 lines of wines -

      • Vinos de Tierra - Representing only a small portion of their production these are zero intervention natural wines fermented and aged in clay amphora. bottled unlined and unfiltered.

      • Scielo - These wines make up the bulk of the estate's production and represent a very high level of quality and sophistication for the price and lead the way in Mexico for responsible farming and low intervention at medium scale production levels. Scielo is the Spanish word for heavens and it's a reference to the incredibly clear skies the region is known for and its nights which are ablaze with stars. 

      • RGMX - Small production premium wines where no expense is spared with respect to how the vines are pruned, which grapes are selected, barrels that are used and energy that is put into the wines. These are reference wines in the ultra premium category of Mexican wines. 

  • Click HERE to visit their website

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