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  • Founded: 1888 by Francisco Adonegui and Miguel Olmart  

  • Region and grape source: The winery owns most of the land in Valle de Santo Tomàs, (including the 150+ year old vines of the Único vineyard) as well as 20 hectares of land in the hamlet of San Antonio de las Minas in Valle de Guadalupe. 

  • Annual production: 130,000 cases 

  • Number of wines made: 15

  • Vineyard elevations and grape origins: 

    • Valle de Guadalupe - 900 ft (granite and clay soils)

    • Valle de Santo Tomás 500 ft (variable. High on the slopes it mainly granite composed of large granite stones; down in the valley it's sandy and high in iron and other minerals. 

  • Winemaker: Cristina Pino (Spanish born, now a Mexican citizen, lives in Valle de Guadalupe) Cristina is one of the most highly respected wine makers in the region and a perfect example of the many strong women that are a primary driving force behind the quality and elegance dominating the wines coming out of the region.

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  • Other notes: 

    • Much of the land under vine in this estate was originally planted in 1791 just 4 years after the US signed its constitution.  

    • After having been run by Laura Zamora for nearly 2 decades, winemaking at this estate was taken over by Cristina Pino in 2019 with the intention of assembling the team necessary to use this wineries vast resources to make world class wine for Mexico. Reduced yields, tighter selection, use of low intervention techniques and a migration towards fully organic farming are just a few of the measures Cristina started to implement as soon as she took the reins in late 2018. Anyone who as followed the progress of these wines since then will be delighted to see the increase in quality. 

    • Único, the winery's flagship wine, is made from a single vineyard of vines 100 to 150 years old. Beautifully layered wine worldly class, it is capable of aging for two decades or more. 

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