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  • ​​Founded: Founded in 2009 by the Plata/Chavarria family 

  • Winery location: The winery is located in Valle de Guadalupe in the ejido of San Antonio de las Minas.

  • Region and grape source: Grapes are sourced from select vineyard sites in Valle de Guadalupe, Ojos Negros, and Valle de San Vicente.

  • Annual production: 1,200 cases  

  • Number of wines made: 3

  • Vineyard locations, elevations and grape varieties:

    • Valle de Guadalupe -  Sandy soil at an elevation of 900 ft - average vine age 15 years - (Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, and Merlot ) - 5 hectares.

    • Ojos Negros - Clay soil at an elevation of 1,400 ft - average vine age 15 years - (Tempranillo, Merlot, and Syrah) - 1 hectare.

    • Valle de San Vicente  - 3 vineyard sites: 

      • Chardonnay and Grenache - Sandy soil at an elevation of 1,200 ft - average vine age 35 years - dry farmed- 5 hectares. 

      • Tempranillo and Syrah - Clay soil at an elevation of 800 ft - average vine age 30 years - 10 hectares. 

      • Grenache - Clay soils at an elevation of 800 ft - average vine age 5 years - 2 hectares. 

  • Winemaker: Erick Plata (Mexican born, lives in Valle de Guadalupe) 

  • Other notes: 

    • Erick has learned his winemaking craft in apprenticeship to a couple of the legends and a pioneers of the winemaking industry in Mexico - Hugo D'Acosta and Cruz Macias. At 10 years of learning and running, Erick is one of the most sensitive and inquisitive winemakers to be found in the region. An encyclopedia of knowledge already, he's the kind of personality who's mind is constantly oriented towards what he has yet to learn, a category Erick himself would tell you expands at every moment. 

    • If there is a wine that fits the "garagiste" definition in the Valle, it's Vinos Plata, and his operation carries with it all of the connotation of finding an absolute diamond in the rough. Despite the size and complete lack of pretense of his operation, Erick is making wines in Mexico that are some of the most deserving of world-wide recognition of any to be found. 

  • Click HERE to visit his website

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