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  • ​​Founded: Founded in 2015 by the legendary west coast winemaker Gerard Zanzonico 

  • Winery location: The wine is made in the winery of MD Vinos, located in the port town of Ensenada. 

  • Region and grape source: Grapes are sourced from select vineyard sites in Valle de la Grulla (Syrah and Nebbiolo) and San Vicente (Chardonnay).

  • Annual production: 300 cases  

  • Number of wines made: 3 wines, all monovarietals 

  • Vineyard locations, elevations and grape varieties:

    • Valle de la Grulla - (Syrah and Nebbiolo) Sandy soil at an elevation of 900 ft – from a small vineyard planted in 2010-2012. 50 hectares. Farmed organic.

    • Valle de San Vicente  - (Chardonnay) - Sandy soil that is rich in iron and minerals at an elevation of 900 ft. Planted in 2010-12. 50 hectares. ​Farmed organic.

  • Winemaker: Gerard Zanzonico  (Born in the USA, lives in Valle de Guadalupe) 

  • Other notes: 

    • With grapes sourced from premium sites in Valle de la Grulla and Valle de San Vicente, Gerard makes his wines in the winery he also consults for MD Vinos based in the port town of Ensenada. 

    • Gerard is a legend in the world of wine produced along the West coast of North America, having been the winemaker at prestigious estates such as Chateau Montelena, Staglin, Stonegate, and finally Del Dotto before leaving the high-fluting Napa scene for the tranquility and culture of northern Baja.  During his extensive career in Napa, which spanned over 4 decades, Gerard was in the mix during landmark events like the Judgment of Paris (he was working at Chateau Montelena during the time they won the blind tasting for chardonnay that essentially put wines from the US on the map) and has himself made several wines that garnered perfect scores from the illustrious critic Robert Parker. 

    • While these are not “natural” wines by standards such as native yeast and no filtration, Gerard describes his winemaking style as hands off and non-interventionalist and gives almost all the credit to the quality of the grapes and the region from which they are sourced. These wines are singular expressions of each varietal unlike any you will find in the Northern Baja currently as Gerard employs very costly (yet high return in terms of quality) techniques like using only free-run juice for the production of his Chardonnay. 

    • Cutting no corners that would sacrifice expression of place or overall quality, Gerard makes only what he can attend to with the loving care of a patient shepherd, an approach which amounts to around 100 cases each of three monovarietal wines each vintage. These are age-worthy wines built on superb fruit, harvested at the perfect moment, for an exceptionally balanced result. 

  • Click HERE to visit his website

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